Access Agreement Construction

Rivkin Radler also assists developers and landowners in negotiating access or licensing agreements that include protection for adjacent land during construction, demolition, excavation and construction. We advise your experts to review their plans for monitoring, scaffolding, support, weather protection, sidewalk protection, backyard protection and preparing a fair and reasonable access agreement to protect development rights and the interest of the adjacent owner. If necessary, we prepare a summary procedure and present it to require access and implementation of an appropriate licensing agreement. These are just a few of the issues that can and should be addressed in a building permit access contract. These agreements are important to both parties to ensure that they are “one page” in terms of the work and rights and obligations of each party. We therefore strongly recommend that anyone who has entered into a building permit contract present themselves with a lawyer. Although many agreements are concluded by mutual agreement, it is not uncommon for parties to be unable to find a solution and, in these situations, disputes (through an RPAPL procedure) may often be necessary to resolve access issues. Kushnick Pallaci`s lawyers regularly develop and negotiate building permit contracts. You can contact us here to discuss whether we can help. A building permit contract is a written agreement between the developer (or owner or contractor) who performs the work and the neighbouring owner, and the conditions of access to the neighbouring land are set out. Ronald Francis` law firms also represent landowners who must immediately terminate the neighbouring owner, who has not obtained a licence or has not taken all necessary protective measures, to carry out or continue construction work on his land or work that could affect his property. An essential element of a construction or renovation project is the contract between two or more parties. Rivkin Radler`s construction lawyers are familiar with all types of contracts our clients need, including planning contracts during the planning phase and construction management contracts, general contractors and subcontractors.

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