Cinnabon Franchise Agreement

Training Overview: If the franchisor finds that the franchisee does not have enough restaurant experience, in addition to the training program, the franchisor may do an internship at an existing bakery. If franchisees are an individual and act as full-time managers of the bakery or if this is their first bakery, they and at least one other person appointed by the franchisor must, to the franchisor`s satisfaction, successfully visit and complete the Cinnabon Bakery Manager (UNIVERSITY WOW) basic training program (except Express bakeries are obliged to send one person). If franchisees are an individual but are not full-time managers and have successfully completed WOW University, or if franchisees are a company, limited liability company or other company, their manager, at least one of their employees and all other franchisor appointees must participate and successfully conclude. , WOW University (except Express bakeries are obliged to participate and succeed). to send one person). WOW University lasts seven days at the franchisor training center in Atlanta, Georgia, or at a regionally licensed live training bakery. In order to facilitate the opening of the bakery, the franchisor will send one or more of its representatives at its own expense up to 3.5 days before and simultaneously with the opening of the operation at the bakery. The franchisor may provide the franchisee or staff with additional training programs at regular intervals that the franchisor performs as it sees fit. The franchisor can also organize a regular conference, convention, program or training. The franchisor can request or franchise on-site training at any time. Obligations and restrictions: franchisees are required to do their best for the proper and efficient operation of the bakery. If franchisees are an individual, they must either serve as a manager or appoint a manager. If franchisees are a business, they must appoint a manager who can also be the primary contact.

In the bakery, franchisees can only offer customers products authorized in writing by the franchisor.

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