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James was previously a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Previously, he was an assistant in the office of Tom Petri, then a representative of the United States, a Republican from Wisconsin, where he worked on laws to make income-based reimbursements universal. Many colleges and universities conduct evaluations of their programs based on student outcomes in order to be worthy of their accrediting bodies. Income participation agreements further promote transparency, because students need positive results from their colleges and universities to get a job that helps pay for their contribution to the income contribution. More than 5 years ago, in episode 45 of Money for the Rest of Us, I introduced participation agreements to partially fund the university. An income participation contract is a contract by which individuals agree to pay a certain percentage of their income for a certain period of time in exchange for a down payment normally used to finance education costs. But can be used for other things. [With an ordinary student loan] my nominal monthly payment is set, but my income could change or disappear completely (making security a monthly repeat of bad news). In the case of an income-involved contract, it is the opposite: I do not know what my monthly nominal payment will be over the lifetime, nor the total amount I will pay, but I know I can always afford it. [11] Like any other ISA program, Better Future Forward has a short track record so far. In the fall of 2017, the first cohort of students received funding for the group`s income participation contracts.

In all programs, there was a 95 percent student engagement rate, James said. But the size of the program is still quite small — there were 73 students in the first cohort, and about the same number received ISA funding last year. He said the idea of basing repayment on a student`s income should play a bigger role in designing the federal student loan system — an idea that has received some support from liberal and conservative political thinkers. However, James said the ISA project should allow the private sector to provide greater and more sustainable support to students. Transparency in revenue-involved agreements is important because ISAs are not suitable for everyone.

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