One of the options that your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania marriage contract attorney can discuss with you is a marriage deal. These instruments are not “divorce insurance.” This is indeed what has been the perception of the agreement that has prevailed in recent times. Today, couples use these tools to stay together forever. Prenup is a way to “reduce” expectations, goals and priorities. These pre-wedding conversations will help you ensure that both partners are on the same side. By dealing with these issues in advance, couples have less reason to fight later in their relationship. A pre-marital agreement, also known as a marriage contract, is an agreement between potential spouses reached in contemplation of marriage that takes effect with marriage. A position or position agreement is a similar document that is established after the spouses are already married. Prenups and Postnups are valuable tools that allow parties to put their marriage on a solid footing and offer comfort and security to both parties, knowing that they are cared for and not exploited in the event of a divorce. Learn more about marriage and post-nuptial agreements in Pennsylvania below and contact Lauren H. Kane`s law firms for help from a Philadelphia lawyer.

For more information on developing a marriage agreement, please call us or complete our online contact form. A marriage agreement lawyer with Petrelli Previtera, LLC can explain the process and discuss the next steps. It can never be overspending: don`t try to hide assets when you put in place a marriage agreement. While full disclosure of each asset is generally not necessary, both parties should have sufficient information to understand the effects of the agreement. A post-nuptial information is like a marriage contract, except that it is executed during the marriage and takes effect when it is signed. A post-nuptial agreement can achieve all the same objectives as a conjugal agreement and is often used for identical or similar reasons. Sometimes one or both parties may not feel correct when it comes to having the idea of a marriage agreement, but after being married for a while, they feel more comfortable when they tackle the need for a post-nup. At other times, a marital agreement did not seem necessary, but the amended circumstances create the need to execute a post arrangement. The frequent reasons for the creation of a post-uptial agreement are: A court is unlikely to consider an overtly unilateral prenup and ignore the interests of both parties. In other words, the agreement is first less likely to be challenged if it is fair.

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