10.10 Assignment. Each Party acknowledges that the services to be provided by the Service Provider under this Agreement are unique personal services and that the Owner`s conclusion in this Agreement is based on a special relationship with the Service Provider and the unique qualities and capabilities of the Service Provider. 10.15 Interpretation. All references in this Agreement to articles, sections, subsections and other subdivisions refer to the relevant articles, sections, subsections and other subdivisions of this Agreement, unless expressly provided otherwise. The headings at the beginning of the articles, sections, subsections and other subdivisions of this Agreement are provided for convenience only, do not form part of this Agreement and will not be taken into account in the interpretation of the language of this Agreement. The words in this Agreement, below and below, and words of similar meaning refer to this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular section, section, subsection or other subdivision, unless expressly limited. The words “This section”, “This section” and “This subsection” and words of similar meaning refer only to the article, section or subsection of this Policy in which those words appear. The word include (in its various forms) means to include, but is not limited to. Any reference to the dollar or the dollar is considered a reference to the US dollar. Any accounting term not defined herein shall have the meanings given to it in accordance with GAAP. Masculine, feminine or neuter pronouns shall be construed as indicating and including any other gender, and words, terms and titles (including terms defined herein) in the singular shall be interpreted as including the plural and vice versa, unless the context requires otherwise. References to laws or agreements refer to laws or agreements that may be amended from time to time. Enterprise agreements means joint venture agreements, unitary enterprise agreements and similar enterprise agreements that encumber or relate to assets.

2.7 Other Business Activities. The ownership group acknowledges that the service provider does not provide services only to the owner group, and the service provider may and will continue to provide services (including services substantially similar to the services) to other persons (including the service provider`s affiliates) from time to time, as long as it is done in accordance with the dedication of key people. Engaged employees and shared employees for the provision of the services provided in accordance with Section 2.6 and subject to any other written agreement between a member of the ownership group and the service provider or one of its affiliates. After the closing date, before the Service Provider or any of its affiliates agree to provide such services to third parties, the Service Provider must notify the ownership group in writing. Scope, nature and quality of the services provided by the service provider in the past as part of its management and operation in period 1. January 2016 at the closing date of the assets acquired by the group of owners under the transaction agreements, including all accounting, financial, management, project management, business development, marketing and operations, land, lease maintenance, regulatory, environmental, geological and geophysical, engineering, tax, of information technology and other day-to-day services reasonably required, operate the business of the group of owners with respect to the assets, including the services described in Appendix A, but in each case, with the exception of the excluded services (the Services). The Service Provider will provide the Services against the Service Fee at the Service Provider`s expense; provided, however, that the service provider is not liable for the costs of the ownership group and, notwithstanding otherwise, does not oblige the service providers to advance its own funds for the costs of the ownership group. A Transition Services Agreement (TSA) is entered into between a buyer and a seller and provides for the seller to provide infrastructure support such as accounting, IT and human resources at the end of the transaction. .

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