Acrc Collective Agreement

He says the non-disclosure of the agreement is an attempt to undermine the collective agreements for which unions have fought over the years, and wages and benefits will be significantly reduced without the consultation of Trades NL. In a press release released Wednesday by Trades NL, DF Barnes was accused of using a “Wall-to-Wall” agreement with Atlantic Canada`s Carpenters Regional Council, Millwrights and Allied Workers (ACRC), Local 585. In a statement to The Telegram, DF Barnes said the job at Bull Arm is naval maintenance work, not construction. She said that the work would not have come to the province if he had not come for the collective agreement with ACRC, Local 585. Trades NL, an organization representing 16 construction unions, is calling on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to publish details of a co-contract with DF Barnes to work on the Bull Arm site. Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady said: “The current lease with DF Barnes is limited to six months. Bull Arm`s drilling equipment maintenance project employs union members from across the province, and there will be up to 30 employees in the workplace. With respect to Trades NL`s remark that there is no participation in its membership, DF Barnes stated, “Although the drilling facility is maintenance, we have invited the construction unions to work on the project in accordance with our collective agreement.” They turned down our offer. ” UBC Online Store — . United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Headquarters – – Prairie Arctic Regional Council – . Alberta Regional Council – – BC Millwrights 2736 — . Trades NL Executive Rick Gill said its members are increasingly desperate with what they say is a trend toward outsourcing the construction of resource projects to other countries.

. A meeting between Trades NL, Coady and Nalcor is scheduled for Thursday. . The Ontario District Council – “It is important to recognize that international competitiveness is the key to success in bringing this calibre of work to Newfoundland and Labrador,” said DF Barnes. “If we are not competitive, the work will be done elsewhere.” Bob Fiander, vice-president of Trades NL, said it was “just an attempt to break up the construction unions.” On Wednesday afternoon, some 30 craftsmen entered the Confederation building to stage a silent demonstration in the Chamber of Deputies.

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