Asset Purchase Agreement Board Minutes

An asset sale is generally not as documentary and we are happy to discuss with you the corresponding transactional documentation, if useful. Before closing a sale, it is important to ensure that the transaction has been approved correctly – not only by your board of directors, but also by the buyer`s board of directors. When you leave the company, you must resign from any job and/or position you currently hold. As part of this process, you are asked to waive any claims you have against the target company, its employees and executives, which is usually done by compromise agreement. As part of the sale process, you are expected to share information about your business with potential buyers. In order to maintain confidentiality, you must ensure that there is an appropriate confidentiality agreement before the information is disclosed. The share purchase agreement (or “SPA”) is the key document that deals with the sale of your business. It will cover a number of related areas, but in short, it is simply an agreement to sell your shares to the company (the “goal”) at an agreed price. For the purposes of this guide, we assumed that your transaction would be structured as a share sale and not as a sale of the asset. In the event of a share sale, the main transaction documents would be: in the event of a share sale, the buyer acquires the target company “Lock, Stock and Barrel”.

In doing so, the buyer acquires not only the targeted activity, but also the target company and its entire business/tax history. The tax association aims to draw a line on the sand (usually at completion), so that the seller is responsible for the entire pre-closing tax and the buyer is only responsible for the post-execution tax. 1) the disclosure letter offers the buyer the opportunity to collect information about the transaction that may not fall within due diligence; and it will be important to identify some of the people in your company responsible for passing on the transaction. Completing a transaction can be a heavy burden and, to ensure that we do so successfully without endangering your existing business, it is important to ensure that your internal team has adequate resources. A large part of the SPA will offer the buyer contractual comfort in relation to the destination. For example, the buyer expects to receive a number of guarantees regarding the target company and its activities. These are designed to ensure that the target activity is in “healthy” condition and to flush out any material problems. If a warranty proves to be false (z.B.

the objective is the subject of litigation if the seller has guaranteed that no litigation is pending), the buyer is entitled to a breach of contract. 2) The disclosure letter also works in conjunction with the guarantees, as it is the ability for the seller to respond to any liability in the context of the guarantees and to “unplug” it in fact. The seller does this by telling the buyer whether and how a warranty is inaccurate or inaccurate and provides supporting/documentation. For this reason, the disclosure letter is a crucial document for the seller – the buyer cannot claim claims as part of the warranty if the relevant facts have been properly disclosed.

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