The templates in Annex A have been updated to: – Withdraw the declaration from paragraph 124.12 (a) (10) of the letter of transmittal – Withdraw the declaration from paragraph 124.16 of the Agreement – update the mandatory declarations mentioned above. Electronic Reading Room, Records & Information Access Programs, Revised Guidelines: This amendment affects all DN/TCN requirements required from Option 2 to Section 3.5. Note: Applicants are not required to submit an amendment for the sole purpose of updating these statements or deleting the statement from paragraph 124.16. However, the statements will need to be updated in the next major change. All agreements/amendments tabled after 1 September 2016 must contain, where appropriate, the necessary new declarations. Applicants are responsible for informing their foreign signatories of these changes. . Administrative clarifications are also added for some of the changes made to revision 4.4. The amendments to 81 FR 54732 will come into force on 15 November 2016. MTCR official website, 27 CFR Part 447 (Importation of Arm, Ammunition, and Implements of War).

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