The “best” form of employment contract is written that clearly defines the ownership of the intellectual property created by the employee. A written employment contract also allows an employer to establish procedural rules that the worker must follow in order to deal with the employer`s intellectual property. In order to protect my employer`s trade secrets and confidential information, I will not work for a competitor of my employer for a period (of reasonable time) after I have ceased employment (describe the description of the concurrent employment). The worker undertakes to cooperate with the employer to do everything reasonably necessary to obtain the patents and copyrights necessary to guarantee the employer`s intellectual property rights. The worker shall work with the employer during his employment and after the end of this Agreement. Every company should have a directive on the retention of documents and an organised document registration system. The retention of records should be the overall responsibility of the person responsible for the company`s intellectual property, but the employee should understand that the retention of such records is important. As a condition of my employment with [COMPANY], its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, successors or assignments (hereinafter the “Company”), and taking into account my employment in the Company and the remuneration that the Company now pays me and in this context, I agree: all contracts require that “consideration” be exchanged by the parties. In many cases, the employer`s “quid pro quo” is the employee`s employment.

I will not use for any other purpose any confidential information or trade secrets that I receive or manufacture in the course of my employment, or at any time [OR within a reasonable (governmental) period of time from the date my employment ends, unless I have the prior written permission of my employer. Competition bans are also essential, as they extend a worker`s trade secret beyond the termination of the employment relationship. This clause requires a worker not to compete with the employer, to create a competing business and to induce his colleagues to leave the employer to take up employment with the employer`s competitor(s). They limit the use of trade secrets by employees after their employment for a specified period of time and within a given geographical area, since a former employee who has knowledge of this information can be an attractive advantage for a competitor. 16 I agree to support the undertaking or its agents in all appropriate ways, at the undertaking`s expense, in order to secure the undertaking`s rights in the inventions and all copyrights, patents, hidden labour rights or other related intellectual property rights in all countries, including the disclosure to the undertaking of all relevant information and data in this regard. the execution of all requests, specifications, oaths, assignments and other instruments that the company deems necessary to request and obtain such rights and to assign and transfer to the company, its successors, the beneficiaries of the assignment and the nominees the exclusive and exclusive rights, titles and interests in such inventions, as well as all copyrights, patents, hidden labour rights or other related intellectual property rights. . .


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