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www.jade-hs.de/studium/zum-ende-des-studium. Press Director Katrin Keller Phone: 0441-7708-3121 Email address: katrin.keller@jade-hs.de Would you like to study for a semester or a year at one of our 19 partner universities abroad? Welcome! We have many cooperation partners with European and non-European universities. During a bachelor`s degree, the 5th semester is best for a semester abroad. Depending on your individual program, you can earn up to 30 credit points (CP/ECTS) for your semester abroad. During the third semester of the Master`s degree, a module called “International Studies” (20 CP/ECTS) is integrated, which you can choose alternatively to the individual design project. Therefore, the credits (CP/ECTS) you received during your stay abroad are approved here. In addition, you can get credit points for options. We help you choose a university and establish your learning agreement. (Contact) Anke Westwood Press and Communication Line Phone: 0441 / 7708 – 3113 Fax: 0441 / 7708 – 3131 E-mail address: westwood@jade-hs.de www.jade-hs.de/aktuelles-termine/veranstalt. The position is immediately opened and closed as soon as it is occupied. The PhD student obtains a 3-year full-time contract at the Jade Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (www.jade-hs.de) in Wilhelmshaven and the possibility of obtaining a PhD at the University of Rostock (www.igs.uni-rostock.de/). Please send your (i) cover letter/introduction, (ii) CV, iii) transcripts of bachelor`s and master`s studies and (iv) the contact details of two references in the form of a single PDF file to Professor Tamara Bechtold tamara.bechtold@jade-hs.de.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Please note that only complete applications are considered. For more information on outgoings, click here. . For many of our partner universities, this is not a prerequisite, but sufficient knowledge of English and basic knowledge of the national language is essential for living abroad. Please check the requirements for the partner university you have chosen. Many universities abroad also offer courses and projects in English, but most are offered in national languages. That is why it is necessary to acquire a sufficient basic knowledge of the national language, as this will also help them to understand the culture of the local population. For more detailed questions and consultations, you can contact our overseas representative, Almut Wolff. It will establish with iihnen an individual study programme within the framework of a learning agreement, so that the recognition of courses is already ensured in advance.

(Contact) Here you will find an overview of our partner universities. Would you like to study for a semester or a year of study at one of our 19 partner universities? During the Master`s studies, a 20-credit “International Studies” module (LCP/ECTS) is integrated during the third semester, which can be occupied alternately to the “individual design project”. Credits purchased abroad (LCP/ECTS) can then be fully recognised. In addition, you can buy credits in the area of choice obligation. If only one 5-year architecture study program is offered at our partner universities, you can take the modules of the last two years of study there. .

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