Sample Government Telework Agreement

It is important to keep in mind that the performance standards for teleworkers must be identical to the performance standards for non-teleworking employees. Management`s performance expectations should be clearly defined in the employee`s performance plan and the performance plan should be reviewed to ensure that the standards do not create inequalities or inconsistencies between telework and non-teleworking staff. Like non-teleworkers, teleworkers are held accountable for the results they have achieved. Good performance management techniques, practiced by the manager, imply a smoother and easier transition to a teleworking environment. For more information, see OPM`s results-oriented performance management and management pages. Standard Forms (SF) This is a list of standard government forms starting with the letters “SF”. The telework agreement provides a framework for discussion that must take place between the manager and the employee about expectations. For both routine and telecommuting, this debate is important to ensure that the manager and employee understand each other`s expectations with respect to fundamental issues such as: leaders should familiarize themselves with their agency`s policies, including current collective agreements, to ensure they meet their needs. In addition, all authorities should have guidelines on information systems and technological security, and managers should ensure that their device selection and teleworking arrangements comply with those guidelines.

Information security covers the protection of sensitive “paper” files and documents. Template PDF Template for Executive Department Telework Arrangements, PDF of Model Agreement 2018 Download The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) provides guidance for the implementation and operation of telework and other alternative employment programs through the efficient and effective use of information technology and telecommunications. In addition, the GSA provides fundamental recommendations for the equipment and support that an agency can provide to staff. The law requires that each teleworker and his or her supervisor enter into a written telework agreement for any type of telework, whether the worker is working regularly or not. For example, a written telework contract is required for an employee who works regularly once a week and for an employee who can only telework once a year. The parameters of this agreement are usually defined in the Agency`s policy and/or in the collective agreement, but should include the following key elements: telework is not a worker`s right, even if the worker is considered “authorised”. Telework requests may be refused and telework agreements terminated. .

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