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If you use a high street agent to find tenants on your behalf and they offer you a DSS tenant, I would look them in the eye and tell them to push it where the sun doesn`t shine, because DSS tenants are easy to find for free and you really don`t have to pay an agent to get one. In July 2020, a judge ruled that it was illegal for landlords and brokers (based on violations of equality laws) to display “NO DSS” signs in their shop windows and advertisements and to reject everyone`s rent claims simply because they were receiving housing allowances, as was customary. While the case does not set a legal precedent, there is something to consider. Sherrelle Collman, managing director of Caridon Landlord Solutions, which specializes in advising private landlords, rental agencies and housing companies at Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, says thousands of homeowners who don`t have prior experience with the benefits system will now have tenants on Universal Credit. To help identify the two payment methods, the customer`s reference number is 16 characters, which allows the RA or MP suffix to be displayed. When a tenant has received a housing allowance, he or she is entitled to an additional two weeks` housing allowance if he or she receives a universal credit for the first time. It is usually paid to the tenant`s landlord. According to Caridon Landlord Solutions, there are four important steps landlords can take to help their tenants, who can now apply for a universal credit. The tenant can use his online account to access all the information and inform him of all the information he wishes to provide to his landlord.

There is a lot of controversy around DSS tenants; Many homeowners simply refuse to house them because they have an additional risk on the table, while some think it is immoral and discriminatory to reject them. The UC rental portal allows the owners of the social landlord to submit payment requests managed through the UC rental portal. This only applies to tenants in the owner`s portal account. Some of your tenants may need help managing their rents, managing the extra money that comes into their account and protecting the security of their home.

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