Employees can start a new job if they are at the other time (if the old employment contract allows). If the old employment contract prohibits working for another organization, the employer may waive it for a long period of time. If you dismissed employees after March 19, 2020, you can reinstate them and then place them on Furlough with their consent on June 10, 2020 and claim their wages from the day you transferred them, as long as you filed an ITR application in which they informed HMRC of the payment to that employee on or before March 19, 2020. Workers on sick or self-isolation leave would continue to be entitled to the PSP or, if necessary, employer sickness benefits, unless it was agreed that they were eligible and should be made redundant and would be entitled to a bad wage in this case. It will be up to the employer to decide whether to dismiss a sick worker. If a worker is to be laid off and has fallen ill and has not received a full salary, his salary from the last salary period before March 19, 2020 should be used to calculate the 80% salary, not the actual salary he received during sick leave. In the absence of a fixed salary, the 80% salary must be calculated either on the basis of the same monthly salary of the previous year or on the basis of the average monthly salary for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The maximum amount of $2,500 per month remains in effect. If your employee is used flexibly, the minimum wage depends on their working time and hours worked. Start with the less directive: for example, including managing flexible work requirements. If your employee is flexible, you must prepare your employee`s regular hours and record actual hours of work and hours worked for each fee period. If your employee receives a maternity allowance while on maternity leave, he or she should not receive a large salary at the same time.

If your employee has agreed to be put on Furlough, tell them to contact Jobcenter Plus to end maternity benefits. If an employee (in the PAYE system of February 28, 2020) cannot work from home or if the employee is unable to go to work, for example. B, for example, because the workplace was closed for safety reasons or a decrease in activity resulted in a production shutdown or a reduction in size, etc., employees would be put on vacation. The reason is that this situation would normally have been treated as a redundancy, but because of the coronavirus crisis, it is now treated as Furlough Leave. It is clear from the government guidelines that, until June 30, 2020, employed workers were not able to work for you while they were deployed, but it was confirmed that it was possible for angry workers to start working while they could work for a new employer on vacation for a new employer that is not related to your business or related to you. Holiday. For some employment contracts, the employment of a second employer may be limited. If such a restriction is contained in the contract, an employer may waive the clause. This will be the employer`s choice, but workers will be encouraged to help fill labour gaps in certain sectors, such as care, agriculture and food production, so that employers can, in their contracts, allow their workers to help where they are able to do so.

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