Intercompany Agreement Tax

When compiling intercompany agreements on transfer pricing, tax advisors must take into account the following: the example below illustrates what can happen without a transfer pricing agreement: intercompany agreements can cover different controlled transactions. Below, we provide a common overview: according to oecd guidelines on BEPS, multinational companies must establish a list of key intercompany agreements (ICAs) to support documentation and tax positions on transfer pricing with global tax authorities. As in many tax areas, transfer pricing is closely linked to the legal structures and contractual terms in which intra-group transactions are conducted. Groups that do not have appropriate and signed intercompany agreements are in discussions with local tax authorities to comply with transfer pricing. “Transfer Pricing Agreement” is sometimes how a business owner or manager describes the document needed to prove a transaction in good faith and the length of the terms of the transaction vis-à-vis a tax authority. The term “agreement” can often be easily replaced by the term “documentation” in conversation. The term “documentation” refers to something different from a tax expert in a transfer pricing context and represents the requirements of paragraphs 247(a) (a) and b) of the Act, Part 7 of IC 87-2R and TPM 09, published on Cra`s website (not to mention the requirements of transfer pricing documentation in other countries). Nevertheless, there are basic requirements to include in each intercompany contract: one day, the tax authorities knock on the door to inquire about transfer pricing rules and their documentation. Pjotr Plastic informs them that there is documentation on transfer pricing, but there are no intercompany agreements proving that all related companies have approved transfer pricing agreements. Several recent transfer pricing decisions by the Canadian Tax Court have relied on analysis of the terms of intercompany agreements on the basis of comparable agreements for the length of weapons. We discussed an example of the McKesson decision in Non Arm`s Length News No.

14.03. ICAs are among the local files that are required for BEPS compliance. In principle, the legal nature of intercompany asset, service and finance flows is at the heart of a group`s business model to be described in its BEPS “master file.”

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