Product Manufacturing Agreement Sample

This manufacturing agreement model is used when an entity instructs another company to manufacture a product in its name according to certain specifications. This model can be used in several countries if the manufacturing process takes place abroad. Document templates are the products for sale on this site; In the meantime, documentary instances are “clones” of models that you can edit and export from the website with Docular`s online retouching. We don`t limit the number of copies of a model you can create on your own computer. They also do not limit the number of times you can print and sign a document. However, we limit the number of copies of a template you can create in the Docular editor, as well as the number of websites/digital products for which a model can be used. Once you have entered into preliminary discussions with the manufacturer, you should sign this agreement, and then you are protected to provide them with the intellectual property (i.e. designs) that the manufacturer needs to provide you with specific costs for the manufacture of the product. Licenses have numerical limits for: a) the number of websites (including cloud services) on which documents can be published; and (b) the number of digital products (for example. B software) that allows documents to be distributed. This document is identical to our standard manufacturing agreement, except that it contains text that assigns us the document.

If you want to use the document without this text, you must buy the standard agreement. In addition to the basic manufacturing provisions, this agreement includes a timetable defining the legal basis for the supply of products. This schedule includes delivery (or pickup) of products, ownership of products, risks during transportation, etc. This manufacturing agreement model should be the first step you maintain when you instruct a company to manufacture a product for you, it covers the entire process, from supply to manufacture of future products. As a general rule, a detailed specifications are provided, which can be included or delivered in the agreement if the customer requests it. There are four different licenses from which you can access a docular model. All of our paid licenses allow you to sublicinate a customer from you, to use a document created with Docular. You will find detailed information on the licensing conditions for the use of models, instances and exports in our terms and conditions.

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