2 0 0 0 SHORT SALE ADDENDUM TO MULTI-BOARD RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE CONTRACT.0 SELLER NAME (S): BUYER NAME (S): This addition is related to part of a particular contract (hereafter the contract) between the aforementioned parties for the well-known of all: Address City State Zip CONFLIT OF THE TERMS: In the case of inconsistencies between the terms of this contract, the terms of this supplement are controlled. SHORT SALE PAYOFFS: The contract depends on satisfactory negotiation with the holders/or third parties of a payment less than the total amount owed. undertakes to provide without delay all the documents necessary for the approval of the pawnbroker. Recognize that a short sale requires the written agreement of all these pledge/or third-party rights, that there is no assurance that such authorizations will be obtained. undertakes to maintain any cost or damage resulting from the inability to obtain approval of the contract by all the pawnbrokers/or third parties. EXTENSION OF CLOSING DATE: Decide to extend the closing period until the necessary permissions are required. TERMINATION OPTION: Recognize that the condition of acceptance by the deposit holder of less than the total amount owed may be subject to a reduction in compensation due to third parties of service providers, to other customary costs incurred by the sale. If there is an agreement on the allocation of expenses to third-party service providers or if the possibility provided for in the above paragraph is not taken up within 0 days of the acceptance date, each party may cancel the contract. AS IS CONDITION: This contract is for the purchase of the property in its as Is condition on the date of the offer. acknowledges that no guarantee, guarantee or guarantee regarding the condition of the property has been given by or by the designated agent, if any, of the defects revealed.

may carry out inspections and requests at the expense of such inspections. In this case, the property provides the inspector with reasonable schedules. loss or damage caused by negligence or by persons conducting an inspection. If the review reveals that the condition of the property is not acceptable to notify within five business days from the date of acceptance, this contract is void.

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