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Strict basic provisions similar to those contained in a Dutch branch collective agreement (`CLA`) may, depending on the facts, apply to the employment contract of seconded workers. The WagwEU applies to the following three forms of secondment of foreign workers to the Netherlands: staff agencies, employers and beneficiaries can seek advice from L-A lawyers on temporary work and secondment agreements. If you run a business abroad and intend to temporarily assign your employees to your Dutch client or establishment, you may need to consider the Dutch government`s rules and regulations. You can use this checklist to see what obligations you may have. This checklist is for all companies that temporarily send workers to the Netherlands. Examples include temporary work companies, secondment companies, construction companies or manufacturers. Detachment is not a legal term and is used in different contexts, often in cases where it is a time limitation. This term is also used for lending and hiring between friendly companies, intragroup loans and recruitments and work groups. Working as an expatriate in the Netherlands means that you are covered by complex tax and social security laws in the Netherlands. An obvious question is whether these rules and rules apply even when you work here by international delegation, especially when it comes to being properly insured. The answer to this question is quite simple; during the international detachment, you and your family have social security insurance under your home country. This means that you can avoid social security contributions probably higher in the Netherlands compared to those in your home country.

While it may be a more efficient way to relocate your employees. It is always a question of dealing with the complex legal implications under Dutch labour and social security law. Dutch Umbrella Company can help your employees who come to the Netherlands. For example, we may apply for certain exemptions that exist to ensure that you can pay your social security premiums in your home country. In addition, we can also help you with everything you need to know about Dutch tax law and financial benefits in order to maximize your net salary during your international posting. Where the detachment has an initial duration of 12 months or less and is increased to a maximum of 18 months due to the circumstances, the foreign employer may apply the “hard core” of the terms of employment for six months. This 18-month extension automatically applies to detachments that began before July 30, 2020. For detachments that started on or after July 30, 2020, a renewal notification can be made on the online reporting portal. One of the most radical changes in Dutch labour law was the introduction of the Labour and Security Act (WWZ). WWZ has influenced all aspects of Dutch labour law, including the secondment of workers. The most relevant changes for the secondment industry are the introduction of transitional payments and changes to the succession of fixed-term contracts. Other CBAs may apply in place of the ABU-CBA if the detachment company is exclusively involved in a particular sector and if such a CBA, which is declared to be of general application, applies to that sector.

In the international labour market, it is not uncommon for workers to be loaned to a foreign unit, the international delegation. In most cases, it is temporary. However, there are also examples of employees travelling to several countries while on loan to several companies where international posting is more permanent. Dutch Umbrella Company knows all the ins and outs and is here to help.

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