Attornment is most often associated with real estate laws and must recognize the relationship between the parties in a transaction. Z.B. there may be a break if a tenant rents an apartment just to change the landlord during the lease. The attornment agreement does not create new rights for the landlord, unless the tenant signs it. The landlord may use a tenant`s refusal to sign a removal as a reason for eviction. Attornment is the agreement that a tenant agrees to recognize a person who buys a property that the tenant has rented as his new landlord. If the owner of the rental property sells the property to a third party, the transfer of the power of attorney as a lessor to the buyer is an explanation. In the subordination clause in an SNDA, the tenant accepts that his interest in the property is subordinated to the interests of a third-party lender. The landlord can use the commercial property to secure financing after entering into a tenancy agreement with a tenant. As a result, most lenders would require tenants to subordinate their credit units to the lender`s mortgage interest. The subordination clause gives the third-party lender the option to terminate the lease in the event of commercial enforced execution. A non-interference clause or agreement gives the tenant the right to continue to occupy the rented premises as long as they do not have a default.

The tenant can also rent the premises after the sale or closure of the property. The non-interference clause supports the rights of tenants in the premises even when the landlord does not comply with the mortgage obligations and the property is closed. The establishment of commercial real estate is generally used as part of a subordination, dysfunction and dysfunction (SNDA) contract that protects both the tenant and the lender if the lessor does not comply with its commercial credit obligations. The lease remains fully in force and effective. [Citation required] Attorn means treating the lender as a new landlord and paying rent directly to the lender in the event of foreclosure.

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