Baker Hughes will provide access to technology testing equipment and personnel at the Barlow Trail and Brighton facilities, as required for products currently included in the Baker Hughes Technology product development pipeline. Access must be granted to levels of service consistent with historical practices. Specific services include: Baker Hughes will provide services related to compliance with regulatory rules and business operating requirements. All services are provided under the existing Baker Hughes management system. The specific services are: a transitional service contract (ASD) offers significant benefits when used wisely, such as faster conclusion. B a smoother transition, reduced transition costs, better end-of-employment solutions and net separation. However, divestitures that distort the TSA can take much longer than expected. (c) This agreement is not intended to: (i) performance or compensation agreements for workers, plans, policies, practices or programs established, maintained or sponsored by a contracting party or to which a party contributes on behalf of one of its employees or senior managers, including, but not only, the plans described in Section 3 , paragraph 3 of the Retired Workers` Income Safety Act of 1974 not to revise, amend or terminate. , as amended and any other pension, profit sharing, bonus or incentive allowance, deferred compensation, leave, sick pay, stock purchase, stock purchase option, phantom equity, unemployment, hospitalization or other medical insurance, life or other, long-term or short-term disability, change of control or ancillary benefit, or (ii) agreement that belongs to a party that relates to direct or indirect employment or , or results from the employment or prior obligation of a natural person by that party, whether as an employee, employee or director, including a contract for the rental of employees or services and a non-competitive agreement. Baker Hughes will provide order management to facilitate transition and minimize interruptions. Specific services include: An ASD is a fairly accurate business example for real events: Mom and Dad help with their son`s expenses for the first few months he works, but pretty quickly he is able to take care of everything on his own. It`s not that an ASD on his face is complex; But that`s what`s in the TSA agreement, which brings a lot of headaches and potential hiccups. CONSIDERING that, in order to promote the transactions under the contribution agreement, Mr.

Hughes provides or makes available to the company, during a transitional period and in accordance with the conditions set out in it, certain services and other aid; Baker Hughes will provide billing and billing services to customers for joint contracts and other contracts. “revenue tax,” any sale, value added, goods and services or similar taxes levied under existing services legislation. Section 2.3 Additional Services. If, after the date of the date, the company identifies a service that Baker Hughes or one of its related companies provided to the Baker Hughes Contributed Business prior to the effective date, which the company or its subsidiaries reasonably need for Baker Hughes Contributed Business to continue operating in the same manner as the Baker Hughes Contributed Business prior to the effective date , and this service has not been included in Schedule 2.1 (except because the parties have agreed that such a service is not provided), the parties make reasonable economic efforts to agree on the nature, cost, duration and scope of this requested service, and Baker Hughes provides or, if such an agreement is obtained and approved by the parties , provides or provides this service in accordance with the performance standard covered in Section 2.6. (a) (these additional benefits, “additional services”).

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