The Independent Comprehensive Joints Agreement (ICAA) between the North Carolina Community College (NCCCS) system and the Independent Colleges and Universities of North Carolina (NCICU) signaling institutions is intended to allow for a smooth transfer for Community College students who wish to continue their training at an NCICU Signatory institution. The ultimate goal of this agreement is the seamless articulation of Community College to the NCICU institution with minimal loss of credit or repetition of work. These are just a few examples of transfer programs and articulation agreements made by different states to facilitate transfer. Be sure to consider all the options you`re interested in in your college or colleges! Articulation agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities that generally document the transfer policies of a particular program or diploma (or some would call for a partnership). Do you want to search for and find articulation chords? Price indexation differs from the process of accepting credits acquired by one institution from another institution, depending on its degree requirements, i.e. “credit transfer.” For example, a university may count university credit units acquired at a community school on their minimum number of units for a bachelor`s degree. But it may not treat some previously taken courses as well as their own specific course requirements for a certain major or concentration at that level, if the articulation process shows that the other institution`s programs are not or not as strict as their own curricula. In the latter situation, a reductive student may find that he can only graduate after taking courses in the second institution, which partially overlap or repeat the material he has studied before at the first university. Colleges and universities publish articulation agreements after curriculum and level of education review – and then agree, such as courses taken in a community school, to the requirements of the courses of the future 4-year institution. Academic departments generally work together to design and publish agreements that may take a few months of work to develop guidelines.

If you are hoping to complete your university education at a four-year university or university, you can always start at Community College. The key is to do your research to find out if any of the schools near you have articulation agreements that could help you make the transition more fluid. Good luck! Find out here at CollegeTransfer.Net, the largest database of transfer agreements. Instead of seeking agreements spread across thousands of sites – and often never published publicly – we took the time to collect, codify and publish transfer agreements by institution.

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