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Leases are not limited to the above. It can also be used to cover these additional premises: a rental agreement can be oral or written. It is the same as a lease. An oral rental agreement is where you and the owner agree that you can rent a unit, but your agreement is not written. An oral lease is always enforceable. Within 15 days of oral agreement. B, a landlord must write down the contact information of each manager or anyone authorized to accept rent or process claims as well as the form of payment of rent. The California Civil Code also provides that “the debtor has the right to require a written receipt from his creditor for all property delivered in performance of his obligation.” If you do not have a printed copy to which it is referred, it will be very difficult to verify the conditions if there are disagreements or misunderstandings about the conditions; Maybe something breaks down in the apartment and each party really believes it`s the other`s responsibility for the repair. Without checking a written document, you may not know who is responsible for what. Answer: While it is always best to document every aspect of a lease in writing, the absence of a written tenancy agreement does not deprive you of tenant status. In California, a verbal agreement applies for a monthly lease or for a fixed term of one year or less.

They are therefore effectively tenants and are subject to all rights and obligations of the California Civil Code. One of the greatest advantages of an oral agreement is that it can be easy to modify and change short-term conditions. If it is a monthly rental agreement, the tenant could contact the landlord directly by phone to cancel 30 days if they wish to move. The lessor would also be free at any time to call the tenant to terminate the lease with a 30-day period. It is easy to do and does not require cause or other conditions that are common in a written rental agreement. The standard housing lease agreement described below describes a contract between “Lord of the Land” Keith Richards and “Tenant” Clara Trueba. She agrees to rent a double room, two bathrooms in Los Angeles for $2,000 a month for a fixed term of 12 months. The tenant agrees to pay for electricity, gas, water, cable television and telephone, and the landlord agrees to pay for waste and wastewater. This is a good example of the provisions that a simple lease could contain and the form that should be taken in its final form. Leases, like many contracts, do not always have to be written down. In some cases, landlords and tenants may decide orally the terms of their contracts, while setting legally binding conditions on both sides. However, there are pros and cons to entering into a lease without a written contract that the landlord and tenant need to know before deciding which one should be used.

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