The “Party Wall etc Act 1996” explanatory brochure has been simplified and updated to answer the way questions are regularly asked. For example, what a party bonus can cover, what to do when a building becomes unsafe, or if the work done generates excessive noise and the role of the surveyor. 3) Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) The RICS website contains information about the law, including a useful publication entitled “What every property owner should know about party walls.” RICS homepage: link to its party pages: Party leadership A brochure was also written by MHCLG to explain in simple terms how the 1996 Party Walls Act (“The Law”) may concern someone who wishes to either carry out work within the meaning of the law (the “owner”), or receive notification under the Act on The Annex Works (the “adjacent owner”). More information on party conference issues can be found on a number of third-party websites and in a wide range of textbooks and other publications. A wall is a “party wall” when it is the border of the country, which belongs to two (or more) different owners. The Party Walls Act of 1996 provides a framework for the prevention and resolution of disputes over party walls, border walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. The law also uses the term “party structure.” It could be a wall or partition on the ground or another structure separating buildings or parts of buildings from different property, for example. B in apartments. The DCLG website contains a series of pages on the law and details on useful contacts. It also publishes an excellent explanatory brochure that can be downloaded for free. DCLG homepage: Link to its party pages: Party Wall etc Act 1996 – Explanatory booklet Here is a list of publications on convention issues that the practitioner may find useful. The list is in alphabetical order by author and is not in the order of merits (although John Anstey probably would not have agreed!) Division letter of June 18, 2013 on the publication of a revised edition of the party wall, etc. Act 1996, explanatory booklet.

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