Labourers Ici Agreement

(c) for work: the employer may not exceed 50% of local members of the Union and 50% of members from other regions with the latter, with the exception of the OOP responsible for the work, provided that these subcontractors do not exceed 50% of the members of the local union and 50% of the members of other regions with the latter. The first job must be a key man; the second attitude will come from the local union; The third is supposed to be a key man and so on. This ratio is maintained in the event of a deposit. (a) the Labour demolition contract, which is a collective agreement between the Ontario Association of Demolition Contractors Inc. and the International Union of North American Workers 27.01, will enter into force on 1 May 2010 and will remain in force until 30 April 2013 and will then remain in force every two years, unless: one of the contracting parties implements the other party with termination effect or proposes to revise this agreement within a period of no more than 120 days and no less than thirty (30) days before 30 April 2013 or for a similar period of two years after, and the parties will negotiate a meeting within 15 years with a view to reaching a good faith agreement. These training programmes and plans are included in the agreement in their entirety and are an integral part of the agreement. 1. The employer may hire contractors or subcontractors bound by the following agreements for work in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of the construction industry. 6.01 The rates of remuneration for masonry tenders in all areas of the local Union are set in the “A” and “B” schemes of this annex. If 25 (25) or more are employed by the employer on the same site, an inactive foreman is required. 20.02 In the absence of an agreement between the parties pursuant to Article 20.01, one of the parties may refer the matter to the PJCB. The PJCB is made up of six (6) representatives, three of whom (3) are appointed by the Workers` Agency and three (3) by the employers` bargaining agency.

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