Long Term Agreement Em Portugues

Studies on the role of fixed-term contracts in European countries have yielded many results. One of the difficulties in evaluating the results is that many different methods have been used. Furthermore, not all studies have analysed the “pure” effect of fixed-term contracts as an alternative to other forms of entry into the labour market or as an alternative to unemployment. Second, it should be kept in mind that the results of research on fixed-term contracts interact not only with protection against permanent layoffs, but also with the regulation of many other forms of flexible employment. These include temporary work, self-employment and project work, child care work or flexible part-time work. These alternative employment opportunities influence the logic of fixed-term contracts in a given national context. The empirical literature studied here suggests that the impact of the introduction of fixed-term contracts on unemployment is ambiguous. There are some signs that temporary jobs can be a better alternative to unemployment, so that at least the first obstacle – from unemployment to paid work – can be overcome. However, the liberalisation of fixed-term contracts in countries where the level of protection against redundancy and other labour market provisions remains unchanged presents a high risk of creating an alternating labour market. Under such a scheme, many temporary workers, especially young workers, are trapped in a secondary segment of flexible jobs. They are not significantly likely to cross the second barrier, from temporary to indeterminate employment. In October 2017, the European Parliament also called on the European Commission to “develop a zero emissions strategy for the mid-century EU with COP24.” Finally, the Energy Union Governance Regulation, adopted by the European Parliament and the Council, calls on the Commission to present a long-term EU strategy by April 2019.

3 Data from the Italian panel, which allows different types of transitions in the labour market with a longer-term perspective allowing more than one episode of temporary employment, showed that it was more likely to move from temporary to indeterminate employment with a longer contractual duration [3]. However, several repeated fixed-term contracts appear to be hindering such a transition. This means that fixed-term contracts are the most problematic when repeated over a longer period of time. In this case, temporary workers find themselves in a precarious situation, while good games are promoted at some point to an indeterminate contract. Carbon capture and use in industry refers to processes in which CO2 is detected and then transformed into a new product.

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