Nutrition Coaching Agreement

Throughout the working relationship, the coach will have direct and personal interviews. The client can count on the coach to ask questions and ask requests in an honest and simple way. The client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the client, and the client agrees to do just that: the coaching relationship are powerful. If the client thinks that coaching is not working the way he wishes, the client will communicate this belief and take steps to restore power to the coaching relationship. I understand that I am working with Julie O`Hara for professional coaching at the agreed fee. Professional coaching is very different from medical advice, medical care, counselling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of medical or emotional problems. As professional coaching is not a consultation or medical treatment, no health insurance applies. Acceptance of the conditions: the action of sending and complacency of this agreement through an electronic method will allow both parties to accept these conditions. The licensed nutritionist, as a sender and the client as the recipient, will confirm the acceptance of these conditions, either by selecting the field “I read the above conditions and agree,” an email acceptance or acceptance is confirmed at the beginning of a job. The coach reserves the right to discontinue the program if he feels that at no time it is advantageous for the coaching program to continue. In this case, the client is only responsible for the proportional share of the coaching services received. I understand that not everyone is ready to commit to changing lifestyle, but for the consideration of others, please do not wait until the last minute if you cancel your appointment.

Please understand that my time is in high demand; I put a time especially for you and overbook or do not take more customers than my schedule allows. I am committed to providing all my customers with the best services in the food business. If we pay for a package in advance, we share this commitment. Please plan accordingly. Timeline: If I don`t get a response from you for 1 month (30 days) of our last message, you lose your payment and your spot. I understand that life is happening, please let me know if anything has happened and we have to postpone coaching. We`ll add a note to the file and add it to your coaching plan. ARBITRATION, CHOICE OF LAW, AND LIMITED REMEDIESIn the event that a dispute between the coach and the client regarding the services provided under this Agreement or any other nature related to the relationship between the parties, the parties agree to submit to mandatory arbitration before the American Arbitration Association (Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Americas Mediation and Mediation Arbitration Rules).

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