Sira Work Trial Agreement Form

An apprentice can participate in one or more work trials for up to 12 weeks in total. The duration of the work examination depends on the objectives of the work experience, the host`s ability to provide supervision and/or training, and the likelihood of caring for the host at the end of the examination. Work trials cannot be considered appropriate if there is a professional or personal relationship between the proposed host and the intern that could create a conflict of interest. This is especially important when the host has a client-client relationship or is a member of a single family. The claimant will use the employment assessment to assess the suitability of the host`s workplace, for example. B: A work review cannot begin without verification and confirmation that the proposal is worthy of a work test. An employer who is able to organize a work exam is designated as a “host” during the work experience. It is in the apprentice`s best interest to maximize the training opportunities for his or her work exam. They should discuss any concerns or difficulties with the host and/or supplier, so that problems can be resolved quickly and effectively. It is the host`s responsibility to provide directions and feedback and to call on the intern`s work.

This can include oral instruction, observation, supervised testing and the ability to perform tasks or skills, depending on the type of work. Effective and rapid training and feedback maximizes the trainee`s learning and skills development opportunities. A job evaluation2 should be conducted to adapt the intern`s ability to the essential requirements of the workstation and to assess the trainee`s ability to perform tasks safely. The claimant, in agreement with the intern and host, develops a recovery plan in the workplace using information from the workplace assessment. The plan must be described in writing and copies are provided to both the intern and the host. In this document, the term “worker” is used to the point where there is a potential work test. Once a work exam is put in place, the “worker” is called an “apprentice.” For more information on applying a refund request, please contact Any concerns expressed during or following the employment assessment should be discussed with the host in order to find a solution that allows the worker to start the work test safely. Note: Students may not attend a work exam at any given time by more than one intern. This maximizes training and employment opportunities for the trainee. An exception can be considered for a large host with several departments or construction sites, in agreement with the insurer.

It is essential that the intern and host be present and participate in the workplace assessment to confirm the host`s ability and willingness to perform tasks that increase the intern`s work capacity and/or abilities. If it is essential for the trainee to drive in the course of work experiences and the host`s employer is unable to provide a vehicle, the vehicle used by the trainee must have full insurance. The proposal must be submitted to the insurer five business days before the scheduled start of the review. The insurer will review the proposal on the basis of the basic materials and advise the supplier on the continuation of the work examination. The supplier should then confirm in writing the following information: Employers` incentives therefore vary according to the missed time.

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