Aws Artifact Organization Agreements

If the article`s art organization agreements (on the Organization Agreements tab) are accepted, all accounts in an organization established through AWS organizations apply, including the organization`s master account and all member accounts. Only the master account in an organization can accept agreements in AWS Artifact Organization. If you cancel an online BAA on the Account Agreements tab in AWS Artifact, the account you signed in with to AWS is no longer immediately a HIPAA account and is no longer covered by a BAA with AWS unless it is also covered by an organizational BAA (on the Organization Agreements tab). You should only terminate a BAA if you are satisfied that you have removed all Protected Health Information (PHI) from your account and that you will no longer use the account associated with PHI. “Your account is not in an organization.

Posted Sunday, September 12th, 2021 at 12:06 am
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