Confidentiality Agreement Swiss Law

The UK is leaving the EU with a withdrawal agreement providing for a transition period during which social security coordination rules with Switzerland will remain applicable. The obligation of confidentiality is generally applied to arbitration in Switzerland. Arbitration legislation considers mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods as contracts that implicitly lead to confidentiality. Unilateral confidentiality agreements may be used in any context in which a party makes sensitive information available to the counterparty and wishes to ensure the confidentiality of such information and/or the fact of its cooperation. Among these, IT companies use confidentiality clauses, but also use the Swiss law on intangible assets, which allows them to protect their patents or trademarks. This type of agreement is normally chosen when only one party discloses confidential information. Where both parties communicate sensitive information to the counterparty, the form of a bilateral confidentiality agreement should be chosen. A model bilateral confidentiality agreement is also available as MLL-Docs. This proposal is formulated in such a way that either legal persons (legal persons; legal persons) or natural persons (natural persons) can be parties to the contract.

If legal persons are parties, a non-debaucher clause may be included in the contract. Where securities of a legal person are listed on a stock exchange, a standstill clause may be included for transactions in securities of that company. In addition, the user can choose between different options with regard to the duration of the contract and other provisions, such as contractual penalty, data protection or jurisdiction. Confidentiality clauses are also dealt with on a case-by-case basis in Switzerland. In Switzerland, it is customary for collective contracts to include confidentiality clauses. Following the referendum on 23 June 2016 and after a long period of uncertainty, the UK Parliament and the European Parliament approved the Withdrawal Agreement on 23 January 2020. . .

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