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Banks consider a lack of liquidity or cost overrun as a “drawtop” event, which means that the borrower of the project company cannot draw funds from the loan until the situation is resolved. The Bank then communicates to the sponsor a specified amount of aid needed to cover the deficit and asks it to discuss whether it should do so through borrowing or equity: a subordinated loan or a capital increase. Once a joint decision has been taken, the Bank`s sponsor confirms in writing the agreed financing method and must implement it within one month. The Shareholders` Agreement (SHA) is an agreement between project sponsors for the creation of a special purpose vehicle (SPC) with regard to project development. This is the most fundamental structure owned by sponsors as part of a project financing transaction. This is an agreement between the sponsors and takes care of: project funding documents are almost always a deterrent for project sponsors and inexperienced people. Admittedly, project financing documents are voluminous, complex, expensive and time-consuming. They are also essential to the successful construction and operation of the project and are absolutely essential for successful project financing. A financial model is developed by the promoter as an instrument for negotiating with the investor and preparing a project evaluation report. It is typically a spreadsheet designed to process a comprehensive list of input assumptions and provide expenses that reflect the expected “actual” interaction between the data and the calculated values for a given project. Well designed, the financial model is able to perform sensitivity analyses, that is: New productions are calculated on the basis of a series of data variations. In order to achieve its goal, the money collected by the sponsorship should be paid directly to the project company in order to cover its expenses and complete the construction. In reality, lenders prefer the money to be directed to a debt service reserve account of the project company, opened at the bank and controlled by it, so that the bank can debit the sums due.

Project financing is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects, based on the project`s expected cash flows and not on the balance sheets of its promoters. Although there are many types of construction contracts used in project financing, the majority of project sponsors and all project promoters favor turnkey contracts. Turnkey contracts are based on the idea that once the construction is complete, all you have to do is turn the key. The basic conditions of a credit agreement include the following provisions. The interconnection agreement is concluded between the main creditors of the project company. This is the agreement between the main creditors in the context of the financing of the project. Lead creditors often enter into the interconnection agreement to regulate the terms and common relationship between lenders with respect to the borrower`s obligations. Agreement between the borrower and the lender on the costs, supply and repayment of the debt. The Term Sheet describes the essential conditions for financing. . . .

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