Section 85 Agreement Vat

HMRC`s argument was that, since the application was made more than 30 days after the withdrawal, the court was excluded from reinstating the appeal. The problem arises because, pursuant to Paragraph 85 of the TSTEG and Paragraph 54 of the TMA, no objection has been raised on the expiry of thirty days from the notification of the withdrawal of a complaint and HMRC( and the taxable person has not notified a change of meaning), a provision of the hypothesis works in such a way that, at the time of notification of the resignation, the taxable person and HMRC have concluded an agreement, that the contested decision must be upheld without amendment. The settlement of appeals by agreement under section 85 of the VAT Act 1994 is a legal procedure, followed by the same consequences as those which would have resulted from the decision of the General Court. When an agreement is reached under Article 85, the agent/supervisor/decision-maker of the court should, if necessary, inform the court of the agreement: this closes the appeal and the court must know that such an agreement has been reached so that they can update their recordings, see ARTG8460. Agreements may be concluded orally or in writing. If an agreement is reached orally, the decision-maker (or the holder of the business in certain industries, for example.B. Specialist Investigations) should confirm the agreement in writing to the client (or the client can write to us to confirm it). . . .

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