Taswater Trade Waste Agreement

If you think of Tasmania, think of picturesque Cradle Mountain, the historic ruins of Port Arthur and the spectacular Bay of Fires. Tasmania is known for having one of the most preserved and beautiful environments in the world, and its 1.5 million hectare natural heritage territory is envied by Australia. Although only a small population of around 500,000 people, increased tourism and other factors contributed to the gradual deterioration of Tasmania`s sewage treatment plants, which were in urgent need of assistance. How does TasWater know if a company is complying with its business licence? TasWater regularly monitors and inspects its sewer system and problems posed by unauthorized commercial waste can be attributed to individual real estate. [2] There may be cases where it is necessary to verify an industrial waste permit and a customer again requests the agreement. These events include: • buying or selling a business that generates commercial waste • A change in the nature of your business • Submitting a development application. If the industrial waste company stops or changes its activities, the owner of the land must contact the industrial waste team to inform about these changes, as a new application for permission to introduce commercial waste may be required. The Owner is responsible for all current taxes for commercial waste until TasWater is notified and the Owner is notified in writing that the fees have changed or have been suspended You must notify us in writing for at least 30 days of any of the following events: What will happen if I am unable to install/update a pre-treatment system in accordance with TasWater`s requirements? TasWater offers all our commercial waste customers an agreed schedule for the installation or upgrade of a pre-treatment system. During this time, we can work closely with you to ensure that you have all the information you need to install or update your pre-treatment system. However, if a customer is unable to install or update a pre-treatment system within the agreed timeframe, TasWater may charge an additional fee to the customer.

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