Ut Austin Consortium Agreement

In order to expedite the approval of the IRB for multi-site studies among the consortium members, we have established an IRB reciprocity agreement between the following 15 institutions of the University of Texas: a consortium agreement is a binding agreement between the authorized institutions, which allows you to obtain financial support from your home institution, UT Austin, While you besuc I do not ie Use this form to request a new financial aid exam for the hours necessary for your degree during the visit of another institution. If you have any questions about the consortium agreement process, please contact the Graduation Helpdesk at graduationhelpdesk@utexas.edu. Under the agreement, the IRB can serve as the IRB of Record (IRB) and other institutions can accept approval from the IRB of Record (RRB). Each study has a global IP in an institution, and any other institution involved must be represented by a local IP…

Posted Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 8:57 am
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