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A few months ago, if you told me that I would give up the last weekend in October to drive eight hours and go flycasting for false albacore, I would’ve said you’re crazy.  This is traditionally one of the best times of the year to catch big striped bass in the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  Unfortunately, the stripers aren’t where they usually are, and fishing close to Kent Island has been tough lately. Since a man’s gotta fish, I hit the road.

I got to know Gary Reich last winter at the Fisherman’s Night Out events at Dick Franyo’s Boatyard Bar & Grill in Annapolis. Gary is the editor for PropTalk magazine, one of the co-sponsors of those outings. One snowy evening Gary told me about an annual trip he takes down to Harkers Island, North Carolina.  It sounded like fun, and I asked if I could tag along with him next time.  I’d forgotten about it until I got a message from him a few weeks ago asking if I was still interested.  I only had one day available, a Sunday, but I jumped at the chance. Read More!