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Fishermen are gear heads.  Most of the anglers I know spend hours analyzing the features of a good fish finder and studying the differences between mono and fluorocarbon. We pride ourselves on being equipped with the best gear available. Unfortunately, some fishermen miss the most important tool in the light tackle arsenal. It isn’t the perfect rod or the most effective lure and it isn’t a bad ass boat or ultra-sensitive sonar. Good fishermen know that the most critical piece of equipment to successful fishing on the Chesapeake Bay is a good network of fishing buddies.

There’s nothing more important than friends on the water.  The information you receive from fishing buddies can keep you updated on productive areas to fish and tune you in to prevailing patterns. They can keep you informed during times when you aren’t able to fish. For example, due to work restrictions and time spent on conservation efforts, I haven’t fished too much over the past couple of weeks, but thanks to my network of fishing buddies I have very good information about the most productive areas and depths to fish.  My friends have kept me in the loop so when I go out tomorrow morning, I’m pretty sure I can find fish. When I get back, I’ll return the favor by letting them know how I did.  That’s how it works. Read More!