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In a recent report I mentioned that I caught a tagged fish.  It wasn’t the first fish with a tag I’ve caught on the Chesapeake – I’ve managed to land four previously – but it was the first time I felt like I knew exactly what to do.  Despite my participation in conservation associations and advisory groups, it’s taken me four years to figure out how to properly handle a tagged fish caught in the Bay.  Apparently I’m not alone because I’ve heard from some other experienced anglers who don’t fully understand the process either.  The problem is, there are several organizations that are actively tagging fish, and the rules for each are somewhat different.  For example, a pink tag on the left side belly of a striped bass is put there by the Department of the Interior’s Fish & Wildlife Service.  I now know you can cut this tag off, measure, and release the fish.  However, I hope you aren’t color blind because if that tag you cut off turns out to be chartreuse, you just disqualified yourself from the chance to win $25,000.00.  It gets even more confusing. Read More!