We’ve seen some dramatic weather in the mid-Chesapeake Bay over the past couple of weeks.  Extremely warm temperatures spawned strong low pressure systems that buffeted our region with storm after severe summer storm.  The challenge around Kent Island has been less about locating fish and more about fishing around the weather.  There are still some summer trophies around the Bay Bridge, and we’re starting to see breakers including bluefish and Spanish mackerel off the beach at Matapeake and across the Bay at Hackett’s Bar.  My fishing time has been limited.   In one recent trip I got out with a couple of Navy guys, Mark & Mark off Kent Island for a bridge jigging excursion. Tossing multi-colored lures to match the sky, we managed three fish over 30 inches and had at least three more hooked up in that size range.  That’s good fishing for summertime in the Chesapeake.  Yesterday I managed a trip out with my fishing buddies Jamie and Mark.  If we were fishing for keepers, we would’ve had a limit in the first ten minutes.

We found birds and breakers within 200 yards of the boat ramp including a few Spanish arching gracefully through the blitz.  I quickly tied on a flashy jig and started casting as far as I could and reeling fast hoping for mackerel.  I only had one chaser but at least I felt like I had a chance.  It’s way too early and much too far north to effectively cast for Spanish in early August.  It won’t be long though.  For the next couple of weeks it’s going to be tough for me to decide how to fish.  Should I chase breakers trying to retrieve my lures fast enough to avoid rockfish and blues in order to catch a few macks?  Or maybe I should stay after the few-and-far-between Bay Bridge trophies?  It probably depends more on the weather than anything else.  As long as these fronts keep moving across the Bay, I’ll probably stay close to home.  But, if things change and our kaleidoscope skies fade to bright blue, I’ll be chasing colorful Spanish macs in the Mid-Bay.  It’s a tough choice but I like the position we’re in.  The pics tell the story of the tackle and techniques.  Casting for stripers is pretty easy right now, so either way we’ll probably catch fish.  Stay tuned! 

Posted Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 11:22 pm
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Responses to “Kaleidoscope Skies”

  1. Daniel Kimbro says:

    Great looking fish on the bottom there…reminds me of some Cherokee rocks

  2. Gary07 says:

    As always, great post. That is an interesting spinning rod in the upper left photo – what is it?

  3. Don Richitt says:

    Pretty fish Shawn. Glad you and Jamie had a good night of fishing the other night as that is going to have to hold him for a week, or more. Hope he heals quick.

  4. der Fischadler says:

    After the guy with no hat was hooked up, he was asked by Shawn; “Is that a good fish?” Baldie’s excited response was; “I don’t know, I don’t know.”
    When he was asked again whether he was fighting a big fish, he cried out; “I can’t tell, I’m using a Carrot Stix!”
    It takes one helluva skilled Captain to put everyone in the boat on a big fish at the Bay Bridge. Especially when someone is using an orange rod with matching line.

  5. Paul says:

    Nice work. Thats a funky colored sky in that bottom pic.

    Team Orange Rules 🙂 Looking good Mark (S)!!! Gotta get that matching line on my Stick

  6. RiverCat09 says:

    Thanks for the report Shawn. It looks like we might have to take a shot at and around the bridge. It’s good to hear that the macs are starting to appear too.


  7. jumbo1 says:

    Had a great time Monday Shawn…..good thing I got out”…..missing last Wed was brutal knowing where the fish are…hopefully I will be back on’em this Wed…we’ll see…thanks again for the trip….BTW Mark’s fishing garage was simply “amazing”….

  8. Roger T says:

    Thinking about getting one of those dang C-stix,can get em online for 89 bucks ,free shipping right now.

    Nice catching!

  9. Roger T says:

    Oh yea!Mark ,your too dang funny.

  10. Doug M says:

    wow great articles im new to striper fishing what does a beginner need to do to catch fish like theese?

  11. Steve F says:

    Another great article and your right Shawn it is a tough bite at the bridge right now but Phill and I have caught a few over 30”.

    Doug, just read some of Shawn’s articles and watch his videos and you will be a better fisherman. I do recommend a good rod maybe even a Custom Built one. Just send me an email if you would ever like to talk aobut one I even built one for Shawn.


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