It’s been a snowy week here on Kent Island.  We’re still digging out as one cold front after another sweeps across the mid-Atlantic.  With more snow in the forecast, it looks we’ll be hard-pressed to get in many catch & release striper trips in the near future.  Fortunately, I was able to get out for a few hours this snowy weekend. I had planned to launch my center console Thunder Road, but my neighbor Mark called to say he was up for a trip if we wanted to go in his Parker.  That was a no-brainer since he has a heated cabin.  My buddy Jamie joined us. As thunder rumbled across the Chesapeake Bay, we broke through the ice at Queen Anne Marina and set off into the fog, rain, and snow.  I’ll let the video tell the story with the caveat that jigging is very much a hit or miss enterprise this time of year.  Just because fish are there one day doesn’t mean they will be the next.  The best bet is to fish locations where the fish can find warmer water.  Here’s the video report:

Thunder Snow

Posted Sunday, January 30th, 2011 at 12:41 pm
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Responses to “Cold Rain & Snow – Video Report”

  1. Jimmie says:

    Nice job guys. Love the music track behind the video. All I can say is TOADS!

  2. eric nichols says:

    Awesome! Waiting for my invite. Camera person did a good job.

  3. Good show, Cap’n! Did I see a spiral-wrapped rod with a left-handed power handle on Jamie’s reel? Pretty slick rig! And a Parker 2520XL Sport Cabin is definitely the rig for this weather!

  4. jumbo1 says:

    Shawn awesome video!….Thanks to you for filming and Mark for takng us out…was a blast for sure..
    Man those fish can fight this time of year..catchin’ in the snow was just a bonus…BTW Mark’s jigheads are top-notch…Next trip I will do the filming and you can do some catchin’..LTJing rules!

  5. der Fischadler says:

    I’m the handsome left-handed angler in the video with a Shore Tackle custom spiral wrapped rod built for me by Billy O’Brien. That’s a Revo Inshore reel with a power handle.
    I fish baitcasters in both left and right handed set-ups. That other dude with the smaller fish is Jamie.
    I finally had a decent day in the winter only because I read and listen to Shawn and had a chance to watch both Jamie and Shawn in action.
    Those guys are the masters in the winter. I’m just happy that I had the chance to take them out on der Fischadler II and have a decent showing.

  6. GradyBaby says:

    Hey those guys look familiar. That Parker looks nice and warm. Wish i was there.

  7. Shawn says:

    Left-handed baitcasters….pshaw! Reel men keep their handles on the RIGHT side. I need to start fishing with guys who know how to fish. 😉

  8. Zink says:

    Cool video report! I was lucky enough to get out this weekend with a buddy on his Parker 21SE and got my personal best LTJ rock at right around 40″ (immaculate release boatside, didn’t measure). Couldn’t believe how fat and healthy those fish were. Must be plenty to eat in that warm water!

  9. Jesse says:

    That is pretty awesome!! I think it is cool that you guys could get Andy Griffith to make a public appearance. Great job.

  10. RogerT says:

    Some quality fish right there,perfect day to be out.Way to get um !

  11. KLGladhill says:

    I am glad you gentlemen allowed der Fischadler to catch the largest fish of the day! I’ve watched this video multiple times, shaking my head. I will most likely watch it a few more times. Great sound track Shawn !

  12. jumbo1 says:

    That Mark is such a showoff…it was his boat you know?…..

  13. Bill M says:

    Wow! Just Wow!

  14. Jeremy J. says:

    Where is the Kent Island Sewer Pipe located?

  15. Shawn says:

    Jeremy, it’s just about a hundred yards north of the Bay Bridge on the KI side, but that’s not where this video was filmed. That said, there was fish there last time I stopped by. They are deep and right on the very tip end (discharge) of the pipe. The challenge there is positioning the boat so you can get a lure in the area where they are holding.

  16. mark rogers says:

    Very cool video. Gotta get my jig on this winter now that deer season is winding down. Fantastic music, very different version than what I’m used to hearing. (Grateful Dead) When I hear a bluegrass version of one their tunes I appreciate where Jerry Garcia came from even more.

  17. Creig says:

    Good video bro! Glad to see you all had a good time. Nice fish, nice shots…

  18. picknhand says:

    Nice work gents! And nice music/video!

  19. Hillbilly Boater says:

    Shawn, Very nice video. Sure is some sweet action for Jan. Good to see you on Sun, but where were those brutes that day?

  20. Daniel says:

    Nice fish, der Mark. Lookin’ forward to hangin in the Parker again, minus the burnt carpet…

  21. jumbo1 says:

    Daniel..they tried to blame me for the burn’t carpet…it went something like this from Shawn “Jamie you watch the heater make sure it doesn’t burn the carpet”…I walk into the cabin and it’s burn’t?….from Shawn “I thought you were supposed to watch the heater?”….
    I think I was “set-up”…..

  22. Shawn says:

    I’m still laughing about that!

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