19:34 – Cleared Matapeake Pier on Thunder Road.  Winds 15 kt from south, 2′ seas.  Water temp 80.2. Building incoming current.

19:35 – Birds and breakers over 8 – 16′ contour drop.  FF shows blues and small rock. Noted and ignored.

19:47 – One other boat in sight at Bridge.  Tied on 1 ounce jig head with 6″ chartreuse BKD hotrodded with orange garlic dye.

19:53 – First fish. 26 inch striper released boatside

19:58 – Multiple low to mid 20s fish at intermediate depths of 18-22′.  Occasional snapper blues chasing.

19:59 – Sunset.  Noted birds working and small blues breaking over Sewer Pipe, ignored.

20:02 – 35 inch striper photographed and released.  Wind up to 20 knots.  One cast per drift now due to increased incoming pushing south wind.  Strikes on every cast.

20:10 – One cast is enough as long as lure touches bottom. Hooked and lost another mid-30s fish fish followed by 31 inch striper next cast, released boatside.

20:35 – Return to Matapeake


1830 – Cleared jetty at Queen Anne Marina onboard Der Fischadler II.  Winds calm and seas flat, very slight outgoing.

1840 – Working terns and seagulls  west of Matapeake Pier.

1850 – First fish, 23 inch striper on hotrodded 6″ BKD with 3/4 ounce head.

1900 – Lots of live-liners at the Bay Bridge stacked around the same pilings.  Fished around them.

1929 – Occasional fish in 19-25 inch range.

1945 – Finally found a few better fish in waning current.

1955 – Sunset.  No current, few strikes.

2015 – Tough night. No reason to continue, return to dock.





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  1. RiverCat09 says:

    Great report! I love that first photo of the bay looking like a millpond. Even if you all got skunked, you live for days like that. The pullage is just icing on the cake. Thanks for posting, and congratulations!


  2. DaveSchmidt says:

    what is your recommended technique for hotrodding???

  3. Shawn says:

    Click on Articles and Light Tackle Tips & Tricks for a description, Dave. You can also find Hot Rod Jigs in the word cloud at the top right corner and click it to see any entry where I’ve mentioned them.

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