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Fishing Reports

In January’s past, I’ve suggested a few New Year’s resolutions to my fishing buddies. I stand by the resolution I recommended in 2013 that we fishermen should include at least one picture of our wife and kids on our cell phones to balance out the one hundred thirty two other shots of our boat, truck, and every fish we’ve caught in the past three years. I also still recommend that we teach our kids how to tie their shoes before we show them how to make a Palomar knot. I thought of some good ones this year too. I mean, shouldn’t we all resolve to spend less time at the gym and more time watching fishing videos on YouTube? And, couldn’t most of us change our internet passwords since “rockfish” is getting a little over used? Nevertheless, this January I decided to worry less about the resolutions of others and focus more on my own self-improvement goals. Here are my fifteen personal resolutions for 2015:

1.  I resolve to stop showing my fishing partners Victoria’s Secret videos on my cell phone while they’re driving the truck and pulling the boat. Oops, never mind. Already broke that one.

2.  I resolve never to regret a tattoo, not even one on my lower back from 1982 of Aunt Bee holding a bent Ugly Stick while reeling up a Jack Daniels bottle. Read More!

Fishing Reports

Why make resolutions you know you aren’t going to keep?  Statistics show most resolutions are forgotten by the end of January.  I think the problem is that most fishermen try to bite off more than they can chew. I thought I’d take a shot at a few resolutions that are easy and achievable. Don’t disappoint yourself.  Try these:

1.  Fish with your shirt off.  Especially if you have great pecs, a six-pack, and enticing body hair.  Also, double-fist Bud Heavys whenever you get the chance. Extra points if the temperature is below 30-degrees Fahrenheit.

2.  Don’t be a dick.  Too difficult?  Okay, then don’t be a dick on more than three occasions on the Internet or to your wife when she says, “Instead of fishing, I really want you to visit some yard sales with me Saturday.”  Go fishing anyway, but be sure to compliment what she bought when you get back home and don’t leave your dirty socks on the floor unless they’re close to the washing machine and promise her you’ll take the garbage out tomorrow.  Plan on less sex in 2013. Read More!