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An Unforgettable Fall - Chesapeake Light Tackle

DSC_0002For fantastic fall fishing, you just can’t beat the Chesapeake Bay.¬† Unfortunately, I’ve missed most of November’s bounty due to work requirements.¬† Still, some of my fishing partners are enjoying a season to remember, and the few times I’ve been out have been memorable.¬† This is the time of year when you’re either pulling in big fish until your arms are sore, or running for miles in the open water without a bite.¬† There are schools of big fish swimming quickly up the Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.¬† They’re zipping in to feeding grounds near the mouths of area rivers where they’ll quickly devour any available bait before streaking off to more fertile territory.¬† In order to intercept them, you have to be in the right place at the right time.



DSC_0007The best light tackle strategy is simply to cruise places like Eastern Bay, the EB4AChoptank, the Chester or even some locations in the open Bay looking for mature seagulls, pelicans, and diving gannets.¬† Some locations are better than others, so it’s occasionally possible to set up at the hot spots and wait for the bite to develop.

That’s exactly what Mark & Eva have been doing on their boat Fischadler II.¬† While some days have been tough, most have resulted in nice fish.¬† As usual, Eva is out-fishing everyone within miles with her “secret weapon” jig.¬† Mark has also landed some good fish on hotrodded soft plastic baits.¬† They keep their boat at Queen Anne’s Marina on Kent Island and they’re fishing close to home.

jamieMy friend and sometimes fishing partner Jamie is also enjoying an amazing Fall.¬† He landed his personal best striper this week, a hefty 51 incher that took a hotrodded 6″ bass assassin.¬†¬† He and his partner Hank had several fish over 40 inches on that same day.¬† Many striper fishermen go their entire lives without catching fish that big, even while trolling.¬† Congratulations to both for an amazing day.

mar2842In the couple of times I’ve been out it’s been hit and miss.¬† I had a complete skunk one morning this week, only my second of the year, but recovered by finding some decent fish in the 40 inch range on an early morning this weekend. My strategy has been to run and gun.¬† Once I find the fish I start with 6 or 7 inch soft plastics then move up quickly to 10 inch BKDs (Bass Kandy Delights) when I determine there are bigger fish in the school.

Sometimes the bite is very markfattyshort, only ten or fifteen minutes and the fish are gone. ¬† But as you can see, the rewards are great, so it’s worthwhile to take the risk of an occasional zero.

Surface water temperatures are now in the mid-50s with warmer water deep.  Fish can be located at any depth, but locations where the water is 20-40 feet deep have been most productive.   As long as the water stays this warm the fish should hang around. 

Here’s another look at the cover shot for this article.¬† It makes great wallpaper. ¬†One of my best action shots yet!striper1

Posted Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at 12:14 pm
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  1. Daniel says:

    phew. thanks

  2. Timbo says:

    Nice article. I like the action shot too. See you around.

  3. steve says:

    I love the reports I have learned more in 2 hours reading you’re articles than 20 years of fishing the bay.Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading and learning.

  4. Joe Yack says:

    Great reading…I have a few fish stories to share with you… What e-mail address is best to use???

  5. Shawn says:

    Joe, email me at shawnatmountainsouldotnet (correct the ats and dots of course)

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