Hurricane Sandy has sped up and will make landfall sooner than expected.  I suspect that’s good since she will hopefully move through more quickly.  Unfortunately, the center of the storm has turned slightly southwest, and is now projected to track a few miles north of us. The Bay Bridge is closed after recording three gusts over 55 MPH within 10 minutes.  I’m hearing a few limbs cracking in the woods behind our house and I noticed some trees down when I visited Matapeake a few minutes ago.  We’ve seen 8 inches of rain so far and it’s coming down harder than ever now. There’s been a lot of damage due to storm surge on the ocean side of Delmarva including Ocean City, Maryland, but we still aren’t seeing a storm surge this far north on the Chesapeake side.  There is a surge lower in the Bay on the east side and I just heard Crisfield, Maryland has been evacuated with 3-5 feet of Bay water in the streets. Power is still on over most of Kent Island.  Here’s a video I just shot at the Matapeake pier.


Posted Monday, October 29th, 2012 at 4:06 pm
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  1. Superdink says:

    mY dAD SeZ yOu cautch dem bigg mommie rOckfiSh in dat wehter , but donnt telL noone dem gud sPots…
    I herD aBut dem kOcH bRoders to and dat jUmbO KoCH BrOder dat wHat pIrtures and sTuff bUt mY dAd sex nomOre /.
    he lIves ins vIrgina
    sAndie hahaha

    • andrew burton says:

      hey shawn,its adrew (kayak456) from tidalfish. i am writing this just to see that superdink wrote a comment,if superdink reads this then pm me on tidalfish.

  2. jumbo1 says:

    Glad you made out OK Shawn..see ya on the water soon..

  3. Superdink says:

    HeY anDie;
    s0rrie aBout dat tIdalfissh tHing, dat men thROWD me of thEre…
    he lik boyS an sUcH butt not SuperDInkes; hE pOses &
    so i cannt Be sendIn no meSasses an such.
    you is the bested fiherman i know abd a good guy to. i ok and my dad sez i can fish soon, so longS as i leve dem baby R0ckfish alon.
    my dAd sEz donnt sent dat jImbo2 nomore pIcuteres niehter/

  4. Superdink says:

    oH yea, mY daD livs inn vIrgiNa…

  5. andrew burton says:

    glad to talk to you again

  6. Superdink says:

    anDie, glad to talk to yuo an sTuff;
    i got a knew schol now so i donnt got freinds now
    but mY knew teacher is kool an nIce to so i gonna trie an
    do beter an sTuff know;
    i wishes i culd go to vIrgina to,./
    my dAd sez lev dem babie rOckfish alon!e.
    mY knEw teacher is nicer an picuters to

  7. Superdink's Dad says:

    Superdink you get off this nice mann wedsite and get back to you books. I sped all this many mony sending you to pirvate school and you still cant spell. You get thet frum youre mamma.

    Just cause im down here in this big states of Virgina dont mean I cant come up there and kick youre scrawnie little but and youre mammas for letfting you on hear.

    And the resth of your silie kids stop beleveng everthang you read on this internets too. Its aint real sometimes and leve dem baby rockfish alone.

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