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Fifteen Personal Fishing Resolutions for 2015 - Chesapeake Light Tackle

In January’s past, I’ve suggested a few New Year’s resolutions to my fishing buddies. I stand by┬áthe resolution I recommended in 2013┬áthat we fishermen should include┬áat least one picture of our wife and kids on our cell phones to balance out the one hundred thirty two other shots of our boat, truck, and every fish we’ve caught in the past three years. I also still recommend that we teach our kids how to tie their shoes before we show them how to make a Palomar knot. I thought of some good ones this year too. I mean, shouldn’t we all resolve to spend less time at the gym and more time watching fishing videos on YouTube? And, couldn’t most of us change our internet passwords since “rockfish” is getting a little over used? Nevertheless, this January I decided to worry less about the resolutions of others and focus more on my own self-improvement goals. Here are my fifteen personal resolutions for 2015:

1. ┬áI resolve to stop showing my fishing partners Victoria’s Secret videos on my cell phone while they’re driving the truck and pulling the boat. Oops, never mind. Already broke that one.

2.  I resolve never to regret a tattoo, not even one on my lower back from 1982 of Aunt Bee holding a bent Ugly Stick while reeling up a Jack Daniels bottle.

3. ┬áI resolve to spend a lot less time interacting with real people and a lot more time looking at Costa Rican tuna blitzes on my phone. I’m doing pretty good with that one so far.

4. ┬áI resolve not to use the phrase, “that’s how I roll,” as much this year, as in, “Yes officer, I know you aren’t supposed to lie drunk on the beach and shoot expired marine distress flares at the moon, but that’s how I roll.”

5.  I resolve not to spill my drink while jogging down the ramp from the truck to the boat.

6.  I resolve to stop flying my drone over the nude beach at Assateague.

7.  That reminds me, I resolve to get new batteries for my drone.

8. I resolve to come up with more creative excuses for taking days off to go fishing.

9. ┬áI resolve to order some of those “ball room jeans.” I probably won’t wear them, but I will take a picture of the box when it arrives and post it on Facebook.

10. ┬áI resolve to make sure I don’t have on one winter and one summer cammo Croc when I go to the mall.

11. ┬áI resolve to stop buying Banjo Minnows – that commercial gets me every time!

12. ┬áI resolve to hide my boat-gas receipts better so my wife can’t find them.

13.  I resolve to find out what that hell that smell is under the console.

14.  I resolve to stop getting tickets from the deadhead security guy at Matapeake for backing down the boat ramp too fast.

15. ┬áI resolve to always use the phrase, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” every time I say the word, “trolling.”

So that’s my fifteen commitments for self-improvement in 2015. ┬áWhat are yours?

Posted Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 3:22 pm
Filed Under Category: Fishing Reports
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Responses to “Fifteen Personal Fishing Resolutions for 2015”

  1. Mike W says:

    I resolve never to head “back to the barn” after taking a “quick limit”

    • Shawn says:

      My problem with the back-to-the-barn attitude is that I’ve never deemed a fishing trip successful when I just caught one or two fish! I say make it about the experience, not the meat.

  2. Rockndaboat says:

    I resolve never to fish with bait again (unless what I’m doing ain’t working and there’s some fat perch nearby)

    • Shawn says:

      Gotta admit to minnows for perch once in a while myself, although not in the last couple of years. They weren’t necessary!

      • Rockndaboat says:

        Any tips for jigging perch without minnows?
        Favorite plastics?
        Have some luck with spoons n BP’s lazer blades. Have tried various plastic grubs in summer when peeler’s are preferred. Not had much luck without something to sweeten the hook.
        I’d probably get a better reception in restaurants n when I get home not having wallowed in crab n squid juice all day in a kayak

      • Shawn says:

        Check my earlier perch reports, especially some of the YouTube videos about perch fishing like this one: http://youtu.be/fAo5fpDjvJg?list=UUH3MMnu8QNHbRVjsds-0itQ I like small feather flies tipped with scented felt when perch start running in the creeks. This time of year, I sometimes target them deep at the Bay Bridge rockpiles using metal lures with feather-dressed hooks.

      • flycatcher says:

        You don’t need bait or plastic to catch perch. Here’s how my crew rolls:

  3. Marissa L. says:

    I resolve to catch at least one fish every month of the year. That may be hard for me in the winter but I will try. This is funny, Shawn. I didn’t know there was a nude beach at Assateague but Google says it’s true!

  4. jumbo says:

    I resolve to letting my fishing partners know when the ff is loaded with fish and not just say..”nothing down there guys but let me cast and see if I can hookup something”
    This year be kind and caring to my buddies on the water..lol

  5. der Fischadler says:

    I resolve not to try and match you drink for drink.
    I resolve not to open up my box full of newly poured and painted jigs after trying to match you drink for drink.
    I resolve not to wake up the security guy when you are jogging from the ramp back to your truck.
    I resolve to stop placing objects under the console.
    I resolve to never climb a ladder after dark (and/or stormy).
    I resolve to leave the driveway at least once a week.
    I resolve to be nicer to everyone (ha-ha, just kidding).

  6. Rockndaboat says:

    Thanks for the perch tips! Will definitely give them a try on days when I’m ‘ho hummin’ about not catchin stripers.

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