At any given moment there are over 2000 thunderstorms going on around the world.  Lately, it seems like most of those are rolling across the Chesapeake.  I’ve had several opportunities to fish through the weekend and most of my short trips involved storm dodging.  The fishing has been about as unstable as the weather.  I’ve taken a couple of complete skunks, had some so-so trips, and finished the weekend with a very successful but somewhat precarious Sunday-evening excursion with Rich and Jamie.  We haven’t found a bite in the Upper Bay yet, but the fishing is trying to turn on to the south and east of Kent Island.  Most fish are feeding over humps and ledges in the 16-25 foot range, especially over hard oyster bottoms.  There is also a decent top-water bite in the shallows at places where the current is visibly moving and fish can find quick access to deeper water. Perch and hard-heads are also lighting up the hard bottoms and can be caught with small metal jigs or scented soft plastic grubs. The water remains very stained. Skies are supposed to be unstable throughout this week. Full-moon currents are ripping so light tackle casting should be pretty good if we can dodge the lightning.  Here’s a 2-minute photo montage of our thunder-laced trip Sunday evening trip.

Posted Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 10:34 am
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Responses to “Spring Thunder”

  1. Roger T says:


  2. Roger T says:

    Pretty dern kewl !Excellent photos in that montage.

  3. Blue Marlin says:

    Great pictures in the video and on the website. I don’t know how you did that double exposure with the boat in the clouds, but it is very cool. I also wanted to say thanks for your sermon in Vienna last week. I can’t believe I’m still trolling while there is action like that around. I’m starting to believe your sermon that you can catch bigger fish year round on a jig, Reverend Kimbro.

  4. mark says:

    Alright, how’d you do that hologram?

  5. Matt McCann says:

    Great photos….I really like the black and whites. I’ve been playing with my new Nikkon DSLR and have had a lot of fun shooting on the bay and during a trip to the keys. Long exposures and water are a great combo.

    Saw you heading out of the narrows heading north last thursday evening. I was coming out of Mears point and tried to wave you down to warn you about all of the floating debris including a telephone pole, in the Chester. Hopefully you didn’t encounter any.

  6. Gitzit2 says:

    awesome photos, Shawn.
    you set the bar quite high when it comes to fishing and photography…

    and your writing…..and music…..and 🙂


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