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Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies - Chesapeake Light Tackle

Hey guys, it won’t be long before Santa soars over the Chesapeake Bay in his reindeer-powered center console. Let’s face it, most of us still have some shopping to do for that special lady on our list. While most Internet gift guides will suggest you buy her bracelets, earrings, or pretty clothes for Christmas, I’ve collected some fishing-related stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to please.* ¬†Included are useful links so you can buy them online right away!

10. ¬†Personalized Fishing Lure:¬†¬†Nothing says Merry Christmas like your best girl’s face on a crank bait. You don’t even have to give it to her, just tell her you’ll be thinking about her when you fish with it. After all, what fish could resist her charming smile and sexy pose? If you decide not to risk breaking it off or hanging it up, just keep it in the top tray of your tackle box so you’ll be reminded of her on those long days on the water. This can also serve as a conversation piece for your fishing buddies.

¬†9. I’d Rather Be F___ING t-shirt: ¬†Comes in men’s and ladies’ sizes, perfect for those early mornings when you wake up five minutes before the alarm goes off and need to signal your intentions before you head off to the lake. Comes with a dry erase marker for added versatility. Trust me, chicks dig shirts like this one.


8. ¬†Size Matters Apron: ¬†There you go big guy, she’s guaranteed to love this. I bet she wears it when she cooks you breakfast after that pre-alarm romp in the hay. If she doesn’t, you can always borrow it for your next tailgating barbecue while you brag to all your buddies about how you got the big one. This gift is great for trollers. It even includes a useful printed-on ruler that is really only three-inches long even though it says six.

7. ¬†Animated Big Mouth Billy Bass: ¬†Because, what woman wouldn’t love such a classic fishing icon hanging on her living room wall? My ¬†favorite version plays the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish jingle but the one singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” is pretty solid too. Just in case she already has a non-working version of this cultural sensation hidden away in a back closet, here’s a handy How-To hacking guide for getting it restored and back above the mantle. Get the one with a blank brass-like plate because she’ll love it when you personalize it with her name.


6. ¬†Call Me Gloves: ¬†You’ll wear them, but it’s a gift for her because she’ll recognize how you never want to be out of touch when you’re fishing on those cold winter days. With a speaker inside the thumb and a microphone on the pinkie, now you can keep fishing and still call home to suggest what she’ll cook for dinner. It’s the perfect combination of practicality, connectivity, and warmth.


5. ¬†Largemouth Salt & Pepper Shaker holder: ¬†Look, every man knows that kitchen utensils make great holiday gifts, so here’s something for the cook who has everything. With this fashionable device, she’ll never have to look for the shakers again because you’ll always put them back right in that big ol’ fish mouth where they’re supposed to be. You could even package these with the singing Billy Bass since her mouth will surely drop open when she finds these exciting gifts under her tree.


4. ¬†Fish Head ornament: While many fishing households have fish-related ornaments on their tree, not many can say they have a detached fish head. The special lady in your life will surely adore the bloody pink flesh where the head is detached from the body. You can then tell her that story again about the bluefish that ate your rockfish or the shark that bit your mahi, since I bet she hasn’t heard it in a while. Better act quick because this item is sure to sell out. If it does, you can always go perch fishing and give her a real fish head to hang on her tree!

3. ¬†Furry Mankini with Santa Hat: ¬†Deck her halls on Christmas morning with a revealing Santakini. She’s sure to be entertained when you jump out from behind the tree with nothing but this fuzzy thong covering your jolly ol’ elf. Can also be useful for office parties and other special events. What wife wouldn’t be thrilled to walk arm-in-arm with her Santakini-clad sasquatch into the next holiday CCA banquet?



2. ¬†Lacey Fish Thong: ¬†Hey, since you’ve already decided to go crazy sexy this holiday season, why not brighten her Christmas with these scented grey lace & pink undies. Just imagine the thrill she’ll experience by walking around those holiday parties knowing she’s the only woman in the room with fish in her pants. According to the ad, sizes run similar to Victoria’s Secret from small to 6X.


1. ¬†The Potty Fisher: ¬†Come on guys, when it comes to useful household items, not all gifts have to be for the kitchen. Here’s a fun and practical bathroom gift your girl will adore. Never again will she have to replenish the fishing magazines or update those Bass Pro Shops flyers beside the throne because now, you can fish while you poop. This one is fun for the whole family!


*Chesapeake Light Tackle does not endorse any products or services and cannot guarantee that these gifts will be perfect for every woman but anyway, Merry Christmas to all our fishing friends on the Chesapeake and beyond!


Posted Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 at 5:57 pm
Filed Under Category: Fishing Reports
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Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies”

  1. Jim Farvor says:

    Ha ha. This sasquatch ain’t wearing a santakini, but that Potty Fisher sounds interesting.

  2. Alma Reeves says:

    You’re kidding me right. Yeah, you’re kidding me.

  3. TextileChampion says:

    Hey there! Thanks for featuring my fish thong design! I just wanted to clarify that these are definitely NOT scented! Not sure where that info came from, but I just want to make sure people have the correct info. Thanks again!

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